How do you deliver digital curriculum
to learners, without sacrificing your
Intellectual Property and User Experience?

Cosmos can make it happen.

Spend your resources developing great products.
Let us handle the infrastructure that powers them.

Cosmos provides tools behind-the-scenes to help you deliver digital product quickly and easily. Delivering eBooks, PDFs, assessments, and fully-built interactive courses is a breeze. Content is automatically mobile-ready, and integrates with major learning management systems.

Client Access Controls
Manage school, district, and individual client subscriptions using Cosmos' powerful license management tools.
Manage Product Variations
Staying organized with hundreds of products across many grade levels, states, or languages is no problem with Cosmos.
LMS Integration
All content delivered through Cosmos is automatically integrated with every major learning management system.
Custom Branded Portal
Clients purchase and consume products from a custom branded portal featuring your products. URL, logo, and layout.
Online Payments
Sell products to clients around the world; Cosmos facilitates online payments for digital products through your portal.
Usage Analytics
Get actionable insights about your products and clients with the detailed analytics broken down by product variation or client.

Cosmos provides powerful infrastructure behind the scenes.

Cosmos is a much-needed solution that brought our coaching video library, print resources, and direct student content into one seamless location. The feedback has been tremendous so far. Teachers love the user interface and having everything they need to teach a lesson all in one place.

— Art Jureller, VP of Operations

Empowering Writers uses Cosmos to deliver their curriculum to district partners, schools, and teachers in a format that matches the way people consume information today.

Empowering Writers was looking for a way to increase teacher engagement with our resources while improving their understanding of the Empowering Writers approach to writing instruction. At the time, their teacher resources came in multiple formats (on demand video, print resources, student content) in which teachers had to weave together in the classroom.

Although the content was effective, too many teachers were not taking the time to access the resources the district invested in. They needed a solution that brought our coaching video library, print resources, and direct student content into one seamless location.

The feedback has been tremendous so far. Teachers love the user interface and having everything they need to teach a lesson all in one place. The lessons are much more engaging and impactful through video and PowerPoint presentations. Today, Empowering Writers is planning new and exciting student content for the future.

In 1998, Singapore Math set out to provide teachers with excellent math materials at an affordable price. The expansion of their digital resources suite was a natural step to forward that mission and continue to meet the curriculum needs of teachers and students.

We did our due diligence researching the existing platform providers as well as explored building our own native LMS, but ultimately partnered with Cosmos. The Cosmos platform and team checked off all my needs and wants without a hint of skepticism or doubt.

— Daniel Brillon, Operations Manager
Cosmos provides the vehicle by which Singapore Math delivers digital content to its clients. After exploring myriad options for digital distribution, Singapore Math chose to collaborate with Cosmos due to their professional team and innovative platform.
Singapore Math refused to settle with a platform that would require conforming to rigid boundaries for content authors, or the teachers and students who use their products each day. Cosmos provided Singapore Math with a digital solution that is easy to access, intuitive, affordable, and enhances the classroom environment.

Health World uses the Cosmos platform to onboard new clients and manage how their content library is delivered to districts, classrooms, and educators.

Health World is a non-profit dedicated to supporting and promoting comprehensive health and safety education. They use the Cosmos platform to deliver their e-learning programs to school districts around the United States.

The features offered by the Cosmos platform make it easy for teachers to adopt Health World programs into their classrooms. In particular, the ability to integrate health programs into existing learning management systems (LMSs) makes teaching easier, as there is one less username and password for the teacher to remember.

The ability to integrate our health programs into LMS’s makes teaching easier and there is one less username a teacher has to remember. The Cosmos platform makes it easy for teachers to adopt our health programs into their classrooms.

— Joe Rusin, Director of Business Services

Forward-thinking educators are looking for interactive programs that can be quickly implemented into classroom curriculum. Through enhanced content and streamlined onboarding, the Cosmos platform allows Cosmosphere to meet the needs of teachers and administrators.

Cosmos has truly opened doors for us to be able to take our blended learning programs to anyone. It is a total game changer, enabling us to reach a much broader, more global audience while keeping it easy and affordable for educators to access.

— Tracey Tomme, EVP and Chief Operating Officer
Cosmosphere is a world-leading space museum and STEM education center that is constantly looking for opportunities to bring their wealth of content to the forefront of the educational industry. With the Cosmos platform, Cosmosphere transforms static resources into interactive and engaging lesson plans and assessments.
Cosmos works behind the scenes to allow educators to easily share these online resources with their students in the classroom. Using the Cosmos platform, Cosmosphere is able to provide blended learning programs for a variety of ages and in multiple languages so students around the world can benefit from their artifacts and experts.

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