Quickly manage access for districts,
schools, and individual teachers.

Manage Access at Any Level
Cosmos can help you manage digital product licenses at the school, district, or individual user level. You can grant clients access to individual products, or content bundles, without giving access to your entire content library.
Run Multiple Product Variations
Cosmos is built to manage hundreds of products with dozens of different product variations. It's a breeze to manage product bundles, different state standards alignments, different pricing models, and even different content languages.
Teachers and Admins Can Self-Onboard
Setup is fast and easy with Cosmos. Schools and districts can integrate their learning management system or other SSO provider (e.g. Google, Microsoft) in less than 5 minutes. Individual teachers can self-onboard with no help required.

Sell products on a subscription basis.
Don't give up control of your IP.

Switch to a Subscription Based Model
Subscriptions give your business recurring revenue, and decrease upfront costs for your clients. With Cosmos, creating product subscriptions is easy.
Set a Product License Duration
Product licenses granted to schools, districts, and individuals can have a start and end date. Clients will no longer have access after their license expires.
Can't Share With Unlicensed Users
Make sure your products stay in the hands of paying clients. With Cosmos, you're at much lower risk of your hard work being stolen and published online.

Accept payments for your digital
content through Cosmos.

Drive Revenue With Online Payments
Alongside your school and district clients, you can configure your teacher portal to allow for credit card purchases by individual teachers, students, or parents. Money that your earn is deposited directly into your bank account.
Accept Payments From Around the World
Sell digital products and resources directly to end users to expand your customer base and reach educators around the globe. With the Cosmos platform you can instantly accept credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Android Pay transactions from dozens of countries in hundreds of currencies.

Monitor and analyze client usage and
behavior with detailed statistics.

See Usage Breakdowns By Product or Client
Understanding teacher and student interaction with a product is critical to improving product effectiveness and user experience. Cosmos data helps you uncover sticking points that your clients may face.
Identify Your Best (And Worst) Users
You can closely monitor product usage information to identify schools who are lagging and those who are excelling. Act quickly to remedy any issues, and hone best practices to ensure long-term customer success.
Generate Custom Analytics Reports
If you have more specific needs at your organization, we can work together to build dashboards or reports that empower your sales and product development teams. You can also use data to power your own solutions for teachers and administrators.

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