Protect your intellectual property
without giving clients a headache.

No Additional Software Required
Content delivered through Cosmos is protected without the use of 3rd-party native software, so your clients can get up and running faster and easier than before.
Set Product License Expiration Dates
Product licenses granted to schools, districts, and individuals can have a start and end date. Clients will no longer have access after their license expires.
Control Which Resources Can Be Downloaded
In order to protect your digital resources, Cosmos gives you control over which resources can be downloaded and saved for future or offline use. By default, resources can only be viewed through the web browser.

Keep your digital products from
falling into the wrong hands.

Digital Resources Never Leave Cosmos
Your digital resources do not leave the Cosmos platform, even when they are integrated into outside learning management systems. This way, we can prevent clients from sharing your products with unauthorized users, and limit their access after their license expires.
Unauthorized Users Can't View Shared Items
Teachers and students must be logged in and have valid product licenses in order to view your digital resources. Products cannot be shared to unauthorized users via a direct URL.

Cosmos can deliver resources as vector or PNG
images for copy and paste prevention.

Back in the 1700s, people around the world were convinced that the planet Mars was not
only inhabited, but that its residents led lives similar to our own. Since then, we’ve learned
quite a bit more about our interstellar neighbor. This article will trace the history of Mars’
exploration from the flyby missions of the 1960 and 70s, to the landing of the spacecraft
Viking and the ongoing research being conducted today by the Mars Science Laboratory.
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