Your curriculum, integrated with every major LMS.

Whether you're delivering ebooks, assessments, or something totally different, content in Cosmos is automatically compatible with every major LMS. We connect with different systems through their API, to provide a seamless experience for teachers and students.

Google Classroom
Assign to LMS
Teachers can assign Cosmos content directly to students in their existing LMS, with no special setup.
Instant Grade Sync
Student grades & performance data are instantly relayed back to the LMS so teachers can focus on teaching.
Feature Parity
Author rich digital resources without worrying about the differing features of any particular LMS.

Deliver a consistent user experience
regardless of the client's LMS.

Feature Parity Between Different Platforms
You want to deliver a consistent experience for teachers and students, but each learning management system has it's own set of features. With Cosmos, the product that you deliver to clients is always consistent, and works regardless of an LMSs feature set.
Deliver Any Type of Digital Content
With Cosmos, you're no longer limited by the features of any given LMS. Since we work directly with the LMS through their APIs, you can develop totally custom learning experiences that integrate seamlessly into all supported platforms.

Onboarding is fast and painless
with direct API connections.

Setup Requires Just a Single Admin
Say goodbye to the days of struggling with long, complex integrations, and sifting through mountains of spreadsheets. An entire school district can be set up and ready to go within 5 minutes, with the help of only a single admin.
No Sharing Large Course Backups
With one click, content is assigned directly into the learning management system. Teachers no longer have to figure out how to restore large course backups in order to start using content in their LMS.
Schools Can Connect One LMS, or Many
Cosmos supports the use of multiple LMSs, even within a school or district. Administrators can link as many as necessary when setting up their campuses.

No LMS? No problem.
Cosmos provides simple alternatives for non-LMS clients.

For convenience, we also offer integrations with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Microsoft Apps (OneDrive). Schools without any of these systems can also create accounts manually for their teachers & students by uploading a CSV.

Google Apps
Microsoft Apps

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