Cosmos restores your creative control.
Cutting-edge content with your own flair.

More Than Just Words and Pictures
Cosmos enables authors to build interactive experiences without coding experience. Using our authoring tools, you can create entire curricula using videos, simulations, instant assessments, and more.
Develop and Deliver Entirely Custom Experiences
If you have a fully-custom learning experience (e.g. an interactive game) that is browser based, you can still deliver it via Cosmos. Custom resources can even be combined with other resources in Cosmos to form a complete curriculum.
Full CSS Stylesheet Control
Publishers have full control over their stylesheet for both individual resources, as well as their teacher portal. Style your content to match your product line, or corporate brand.

Enhance content with our built-in
widgets, or drop in your own.

Include a Variety of Interactive Widgets
Cosmos has dozens of built-in widgets to help you author beautiful interactive content for teachers and students. We provide out-of-the-box support for images, videos, audio clips, embeds, and nearly a dozen assessment types, including: annotations, text response, multiple choice, and cloze.
Create Custom Widgets
If you don't have a fully-custom experience, but you're looking for an extra piece of functionality, custom widgets can be added right alongside other Cosmos content. Custom widgets fit seamlessly into the flow of the content, and can even produce grade data that is passed back to the LMS.

Breathe new life into your static
resources and print content.

Import all of your static resource into Cosmos, where you can give it a whole new life. Upgrade static text and images with interactive widgets and formative assessments that engage students. We can import a large volume of resources from a variety of different sources, so you can bring your new digital products to market as quickly as possible.

Static Files
Design Apps
Google Drive
Web Services

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